Who Am I

Simone got an BA+MA degree in Communication at University of Trieste where he developed passion for computer, internet and digital communication, sharing the time with volley and swimming.

He’s a blogger, author, marketing and business networking strategist helping companies to build their online strategy and strong relationships using the social web. It’s not just about classic marketing,it  is to give an adaptive framework to reorganize the entire cycle of business according to new organizational model where the “social” term is the keyword.

Active in social activities since he was a high school student, he has been a part and promoter of many academic, non profit organization and civic projects in Italy. He has written about communication and technologies for some on-line magazine such as Punto-Informatico.it and actually he’s a contributor at Pionero Project. He is also the author of the book “Business Networking – come usare il social web per la creazione di relazioni professionali” (published in Italy by Apogeo Education – Maggioli).

Living in Turkey since 2011, he has used the networking knowledge to create the first Italian community in Izmir and promoting the project Il Nuovo Levantino, the first on line magazine pro Italian-speaking people aiming to tell Turkey and Aegean Region. A project that attracted the attention of media and institutions.

Actually he is studying the Turkish digital environment to analyze the impact of internet on the middle east economy and society.


The blog’s focus is

  • to assist business in understanding the digital world and the change generated by networks
  • to understand how to build strong relationships with audience and the potential value of the collaborative approach
  • to share best practice and resources to integrate online and offline under the supervision of a “social business networking” strategy. Where the term “social” indicates the ability of business to see in the “customer” a route not a goal
  • to share findings about digital impacts on social and economic organizations


I would like to suggest some books that I consider containing the basis for Forging the Future:

  • Levine, Locke, Searls & Weinberger, The Cluetrain Manifesto: The End of Business as Usual. This is a Bible to understand the networked society
  • Seth Godin, Permission Marketing. This is a classic book, that you can’t miss.
  • Jeremy Rifkin, Third Industrial Revolution. Not specific for digital marketing, the book highlights how Internet is changing the production models and the society development.
  • Yochaii Benkler, The Wealth of Networks. A must have describing the power of collaborative networks.


What do you think about?