Who Am I

Hi! Thanks for meeting me!

I suppose you’d like to know a little bit more about me.

It’s always hard to explain who I am and not because I don’t know but because I’d have so much things to tell you that it’s difficult to me to decide the starting point.

So, let me say that I’m Italian and I live in Turkey since 2011. I started playing with computers when I was 5 with a VIC20 and then my parents wrongly gave me a Commodore64. While my friends were busy to play with Ghostbuster back in 1984, I started learning Basic, then Pascal, then DOS, then HTML, then PHP, then Python and even mIRC scripting and EggDrop TCL (I saw the first chatbot coming to life there!)

“So you are a Programmer/Developer?”

Nope, sorry. I attended the Lyceum (you know the italian school where you study latin, greek, philosophy, etc.) and I have a BS+MS in Communication but I gave my thesis in Cognitive Sciences testing the usage of Bayesian Networks for direct mail marketing prediction and I’m 10 years experienced in B2B marketing in IT.

“So who you are ?”

  • Someone thinks I would have been a superb Analyst
  • Someone thinks I would have been a superb Journalist
  • Someone thinks I would have been a superb Event Manager
  • Someone thinks I would have been a superb Academic
  • Me to myself: I would have been a superb GOD (f**k I was reading at the mirror)

Some of me in pills:

  • The last football match I saw I was 7: the 1982 world cup final
  • I prefer Plato more than Aristotle
  • I think the Middle Ages where a great moment of hidden cultural revolution
  • The Matrix movie is just a not-so-smart imitation game
  • What you can’t organize in a spreadsheet doesn’t exist
  • Causal Conditional probability are underestimated
  • Everyone’s point of view is just their own
  • AI will go beyond the business application

By the way, if you want to have my professional profile you can take a look at LinkedIN.

What do you think about?