Marketing 3.0

I usually don’t like the “release” taxonomics, especially in social science such as marketing.

Anyway the Marketing 3.0 guessed by Philip Kotler describes well the development in approaching marketing. Marketing is no more a “compulsory” business area aimed to drive offering to market or a communication function to connect the business to the market.

The aim of marketing today is more exactly a revolution in business model. The product and the profit are secondary goals. The main objective is to create “a better world”. Enterprises have more social and enviromental responsability. The slideshare shown below highlights exactly this side.

I want to stress some features I reconized.

  • the new world requires to abandon the short-term goals
  • the new world asks for re-localize businesses
  • the new world need to be more collaborative each other

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Simone Favaro

Techno and humanist enthusiast. I'm in the technology marketing sector. I'm even the author of a book about on-line business networking.

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