“Web” is out! Welcome WWM

The Web is changed. Flurry merged and analyzed data coming from Alexa and ComScore. The result: Apps surpassed the Traditional WEB.

The future is the World Wide Mobile but… what does it means? Will we abandon PC usage moving at the mobile? No, we’ll not.

Source: Flurry Blog

Anyway in next months many companies will have to rethink their on-line marketing strategy.  Probably we will continue to assist at a proliferation of mobile apps transfering the web services into mobile devices. Also probably we will assist to more and more failure. Because going mobile is other than giving web content.

Source: Flurry Blog

The above chart shows well that Games an Social Networking are the prominent category used. It easy to guess that the challenge will be to create and invent services designed for a mobile usage, making them distinct from the web: integrated mobile payments system is only the easiest instance. For sure the office automation applications is another one. But … what do you think about mobile checkin at airport, like a foursquare or facebook places check-in? What if we have an airport application able to manage different airline companies for the checkin?

Advanced mobile applications shall be a profitable business in next years.



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