Is Facebook running too fast?

Facebook is running too much?

Well, during the latest F8 which has taken place on thursday, Facebook has launched the Timeline feature.

Since January when has been annunced that the Zuckerberg’s Network has been losing users in US, Facebook started a development competition that is involving security and privacy settings, groups and fanpage. Following the launching in beta of Google+, Facebook has been starting to develop many features such as the more recents featured lists, the subscribing option, the real-time activity streaming and, few days ago, timeline profile.

Too much in less than one year? I think so. The ratio we have to consider on features is the learning curve required to users to accept and learning at the best the innovation. An overflow of update should stress out users and shall create a block in using it. It’s clear that Facebook goal is to arrest the potential competition of Google+, becoming an all-inclusive social network, inglobing twitter, friendfeed and google+ feature. Anyway the continuing and fast changing in user experience could create an opposite result, getting users far from the usage.

From the business side, the continuing improvement shall get companies in difficult on social media strategy, especially for those companies that haven’t enough budget to build a dedicated team to follow the innovation.  Furthermore, enterprises will have more difficult in monitoring ROI due to the continuing and fast updating of tatics required from the new feature.

Which will be the impact of these strategy of fast improvement?



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