A little bit of make-up renewing

Because a living blog is always updated adding categories, menu widgets and any type of contents, sometimes it needs a little bit of restyling. So I’ve given a little bit of make-up, not acting on the look & feel – also if I changed the theme – but organizing navigation and categories.

The navigation bar is more simple. I added a Blog Updates collecting the news like this on blog changes. The Blo(g)dissey page is now an under-page of Who’s Simone because it is strongly related to the personal journey. In the future this session will be improved adding other information about me. Furthermore I added a social card menu linking my about.me profile where you find the link to my social accounts and you can follow my streamlife.

The categories were simplified, translating in English all of them (except for Comunicazione, because WP doesn’t let me change it) and I’ve added an English category that will collect all posts written or translated in English

The Social-it.y widget was improved adding the rss feed link to the blog and the Google+ Account.

These are almost the changes I made. Not so deep, but I hope will get the navigation more easy and conforting.

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Simone Favaro

Techno and humanist enthusiast. I'm in the technology marketing sector. I'm even the author of a book about on-line business networking.

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