The forgotten social media

An old motto said that you have to know where you are from in order to know where you are going to.

When Mark Zuckeberg created facebook, his main purpose was to create a tool able to get people in touch and to know the day by day of your friend. The same motivation it was about mySpace before the Facebook’s birth. Motivation still alive in a large part of the 2.1 billion internet users.

Even if often blogger and social media experts use to point out the conversation as the main driver in social networking, reading about social media marketing and attending to workshops it seems that the human part of social media has been forgotten.

The “X step to” and “how to” approach suggested by many blog posts often highlight the human part in social media relationship but they treat it as a variable in a complex analytical model without describing exactly what does it mean.

Perhaps it is the natural development. Anyway the more you remember why people use social media and the less you think in business-mind oriented approach, the more you will be effective. So, It isn’t philantropy to just remember that in social media there are human beings, nor target or audience.


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Simone Favaro

Techno and humanist enthusiast. I'm in the technology marketing sector. I'm even the author of a book about on-line business networking.

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