Avoid rendundant information using social media

Authomatism in social publishing and syndacations are helpful because they helps you to keep your presence alive in your accounts. The basic idea is: I connect all my accounts each other in orther to share (shot? spam?) contents on my other accounts. However the main problem is that bidirectional connection risk to generate a loop where your post are duplicated more than once on each network. Compliments, you’ve just joined the spam country club.

So, expecially if you use social media as a professional tool, it’s important to avoid redundancy and spamming your network.

Here it is how to do:

Choose your hub.

Depending on contents you want to share and the target you want to achieve, chose the main social media target. In your choice consider how it will publish the content, how it will manage the stream and how much it is open to syndacate with other social media. For instance, Twitter will show a textual headline with a link but no images (the new interface would resolve this problem), so It’s important to give a relavant description to your link also because this structure will be propagated to other social networks.

A sample of tweet structure

If you don’t know exactly wich one to choose, I suggest to take a paper and list down in a matrix structure all your accounts. For each account list the popular type of contacts you have (i.e. Friends, Business, Gatekeeper), how actually you are using it and how is the reaction of community basing on some statistical data.

For a first knowledge of tool available look at “The best new social media analytics tools of the year (so far)

 Make a map of your flow

Take pencil and paper and draw the map with connection you want establish between networks. You can choose to have only one hub and connect all accounts to it, or to build a propagation stream. Whatever is your choice, to have a map will help you to take the appropriate decisions to build your stream.

Social Flow Map 2011 by Simone Favaro

Connect to others profile

Once you choose the hub of your streaming, connect the choosen hub to other social media profiles. Different from some months ago, many social network such as Facebook (or Google Plus) no more permit to automatically import RSS feed into your account. Usually you have to use third party application to connect the accounts. To link twitter to facebook I suggest the well integrated Twitter For Facebook. Almost every social network offers integration tool with Facebook and Twitter, so it wouldn’t be so difficult to take them connected. If It is, let me know!:)

What if I want re-organize all my flow?

If you already have a flow and you want to rebuild it, I’m sorry but the only secure method is to de-authorized all the connections and rebuild them using you social flow map!

Last but not the least

Pay attention to the network you’re using and content you are sharing

As I said: automatically connecting is helpful and an easy way to manage your social media experience but almost every social media are based on different concepts and intents. Facebook is more intimate and require a personal involvement. Twitter is most “Fast Food” and require much partecipation. LinkedIN is most professional and content shared are business. So, it’s important that you share the right content to the right media. But why and how to do is a topic for a next post…

Which level of social media integration are you using? 

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