Two Turkish Newspaper sites in the Top 10 European Internet Information and are respectively the 3rd (with 10,4 million users) and 5th (with 9,6 Million users) most visited newspaper websites in Europe, according the recent overview on Internet Usage in Europe released by comScore.

Source: ComScore

Going deep in analysis of sites visited prior to visiting the newspaper websites, It emerges that Google sites preceded at least the 12 percent of visits to the top 5 Newspaper sites. At least 10 percent of visits are preceded by a visit to Facebook, second only to Google Sites. (This data includes both direct referrals from Facebook links and visits initiated by direct user navigation following a visit to Facebook.)

Facebook plays a keyrole to drive traffic to the two turkish newspaper websites.The percentage of inbound site traffic preceded by a Facebook visit was highest at Turkish site Milliyet, where it accounted for nearly a fifth of traffic (18.9 percent), whereas Facebook visitation also preceded a 10% of inbound traffic to the Hurriyet.

Also in this report, as previously highlighted, Turkey is the 5th largest country in Europe for internet the amount of Unique Visitors (23,3 Million of Unique Visitors), the first in the average of Page Views per visitor (3.845) and the second in hour spent per visitor (32,2 hours) , following the 38 hours of UK.

Source: ComeScore

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