Y-Generation: Linkedin, personal branding and reputation

Y-Generation doesn’t pay attention at social network as professional tool. I was told about it when I was invited for a speech at Ekonomi Universitesi in Izmir and I got it again last week at University of Ca’ Foscari in Venice. Invited by Gianluigi Cogo to talk about how to use Linkedin for career, I observed that a large part of students not yet have signed up a LinkedIN profile, prefering Facebook. Furthermore Facebook is mostly used as a entertainment tool.

These highlights matches with the JobVite data I used for my speech. Indeed the Social Media Recruiting Survey 2011 shows that less than 40% od job seekers has a LinkedIN profile and 86% of Companies use LinkedIN in order to hire talents.

During conversation with students, I also guessed the low attention to the personal privacy and as well to the potential impact of shared contents on their career. The common approach is “I share only with my friends” but they didn’t image that information published could be used by recruiters or companies.

Perhaps personal branding and reputation have to be driven before to students and then professionals.


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Simone Favaro

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