Klout: What’s wrong and how to keep your score up


Klout is probably the most famous service for measuring influential people. Basing on your activity on social media and reaction you generate, Klout assigns to you a score that summarizes how much you are influential on your network.

The Score is the combined result of three indexes: True Reach, that measure how many people you really reach with your content; Amplification probability, the likelihood that your network respond to your content; Network Impact measures how much influential is your network (the more interact with influential people, the higher will be your Network Impact)

Even if the algorithm has been improved in order to get more accuracy in the evaluation, there is still a “logical” bug. Indeed Klout modify your score also when you’re not engaging in social media.

In the past 10 days, due to personal issues, I couldn’t access to my networks and create or share any contents. Since the 1st February my Klout Score started to decrease.

Also if, according to “Understanding Klout Score“, “Being active is different than being influential” (it would be the right approach”), the logical chain seems to be: if you are not active, you can’t generate conversantion and, if you don’t, you loose your reputation and your capability to be influential. It is confirmed by another statement in the “Influence is built over the time” section:

[So] being inactive over the weekend or taking short break won’t have a major impact on your Score, but if you’re inactive for longer periods your Score will decrease gradually

It is a non sense. If being active is different than being influential, why my score will decrase if I am inactive for more than 3 days?

A good improvement of algorithm would be to freeze your klout score when you’re not active and to calculate again when you publish about a topic you were recognized as influential. Time wouldn’t affect negatively Klout Score. Better, it can but only if your “impact” and your engagement capability has been changing during this period. If reaction will be large, the elapsed time will increase your score. On the other hand, it will descrease.

Anyway, here some tips to get your Klout Score Up:

Keep limited the number of networks measured by Klout. If you can’t monitor every network you have signed up, Link only those you are sure you can monitor and you can interact with. [Also if Klout suggests that “adding more network” helps your score]

Try to engage the most influential people. Even if the interation with non-influendial don’t affect your score negatively, interaction with influential improve it.

Just publish what is working. If you want to keep an high klout score, experimenting is not a good solution. Post only what is surely able to generate interaction and engagement.

Don’t be inactive for more than 2 or 3 days. After this time, as Klout say, your score will gradually decrease.

Don’t be a spammer. The more you publish, the more engagement they expect. It’s important to create few and good contents more than “share, share and share”.

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