Personal message: Sorry for spamming

Sorry for Spam!

I need to say to you sorry.

Yesterday you noticed on my Twitter Account a spam of “[Just Published]” tweets. It happened, indeed, that I imported old posts from former blog to this one. Doing this, the WP-to-Twitter plug-in reconized the imported post as new ones and sent out a notification for each imported post.

Why did it happen? Simply because when you import posts on wordpress they are loaded in the database and flagged as “published” in order to be shown on your blog. Changing the status, WP-To-Twitter recognizes them as new posts and create the related tweet. I’ve been lucky (if you want to say like that) because my Twitter account is not deep linked to other social networks (except for LinkedIN :(() so the spam-propagation has been limited. Another reason-why for paying attention to social media syndacation.

So if you use a plug-in or some features to push your blog updating consider to deactivate the plug-in/feature before importing posts.

Once again, sorry for having flooded you.



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