Turkish LinkedIN Network Report April 2012

Incresed younger (+65%) and older (+83%) professionals. Members are Enterpreneur, Sales Persons and Engineeres working in Manufactory, High Tech and Education. The penetration rate of professionals in Education Industry are above the Global Distribution Average. 7816 companies have a Company Page and the first 10 industries absorbe 38% of them.

1.3 Million of Turkish people joined LinkedIN as higlighted in my “Turkish LinkedIN Network Report – April 2012“. At the end of 2011, Turkey registered the first million LinkedIN Members, growing of about +30% since September and increasing of +30%more from January to April 2012.

Since the last analysis, Turkish memberships increased of a +67%. The typical memeber is a male senior or entry professional working in a manufactury company with over 10000 employees. He probably is a Sales person or an Engineer.

Here some highlihts from the study:

  • deep growth of probessionals aged 18-24 (+65%) and 55+ (+83%), also if they represents respectively 28% and 3% of members. The main segment is people in the range 25-34 (41%)
  • The 17.7% of members work in Manufactory as main bndustry. The Global LinkedIN Members average for this field is 10.7%. Above the average are also Education (10.4%) and Consumer Goods (8.5%)
  • Members are almost Enterpreneur (13%), Sales persons (10%) and Engineer (10%) being above the Global Network Distribution Average. Furthermore Turkey is above the average for Marketing professionals (4% vs. 3%). Their Seniorities are Senior (31%), Entry (30%) and Manager (19%)
  • 41% of Turkish LinkedIN members work in a 10000+ employees company.
  • 7816 Turkish Companies have a Company Page. The top 10 Industries absorbe th 38% of them, highlighting a fragmentation in usage of this LinkedIN feature.


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