Turkey reaches about 31 million Facebook Users

Socialbakers released the “Socialbakers social media report Facebook Pages in Turkey – April 2012“. The country – with 35 million internet users (44% of population) according to InternetWordStats – registers 31 million of Facebook users gaining 88.5% of penetration and positioning itself as one of the highest country for Facebook usage – the European penetration average is about 46,4%.

SocialBakers Facebook Report April 2012 for Turkey

As highlighted by the Report, the largest Brand Page for number of Fan is Avea, the mobile operator, with 1.7 million followers. For media category, Izlesene.com – a sort of Youtube with an organized collection of user generated video – has more tha 2 million fans.

What it can be guessed, furthermore, the engagement level is low. The best performer is Erikli, a famous brand selling water. Having only 12.000 fans, the Erikli engage the 2,23% of fans.

Erikli fan page is the best engager

The last important evidence is the response rate value. We can observe a general attitude from community managers to interact a lot with followers. Administrators at Trendyol – a fashion firm – reply at the 88% of user contents. In the first top 10 response rate, it’s meaningful that the lowest value is 59% from Money Kart.

Comparing the data we can guess that brands usually are ready for social customer relationship management more than users. Generally, we can guess that:

  • the prestige of a brand is not related to the ability to engage
  • brands are more social addicted than users
  • users has a passive approach to the fanpage

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