About the Linkedin AD tool

The uncomplete LinkedIN AD’s audience

About the Linkedin AD tool

Some days ago, I was using LinkedIN Advertisiment to update my Turkish Linkedin Report. Selecting the country, the estimated target for Turkey was about 700.000 Members. In the previous analysis, the total amount was more 1 million users. Because in Jannuary LinkedIN announced that Turkey reached 1.000.000 users, the 1.2 million measured in my report could be considered  an accurate estimation.

Double checking the measurement within different country, in January 2012 Italy registered about 3 million users. Actually data report shows about 1 million users. So, It seems that LinkedIN cut off a 50-75% of the country target audience. Searching the web for “Linkedin statistics 2012“, furthermore, I found out that informations are freezed at January 2012. No new statistics has been released in the second half-year.

I surf into LinkedIN corporate pages and press realeases but I didn’t find any news about changing the data model or new way to use LinkedIN Ads Tool.

This opens two questions. The one in reaserch and the second in advertising planning:

  1. in research: how can we monitor the profile of LinkedIN Users if they are showing a partial information? How can we establish the real size of the national usage?
  2. in advertising: how can we be sure about selected target audience estimation in a adverising planning?

Sure, the first question will not be a serious problem to LinkedIN, but the second one could impact on the campaigns’ budgeting. What if we estimate our budget on the selected target audience and the clicks will be more than the estimation made using targeting tools?

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