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How new LinkedIN Ad Tool works

Guida a Linkedin - Simone Favaro

Some days ago, I’ve written a post highlighting the mismatching in statistical data from LinkedIN Ads, asking to my self what was happening. The aswer was so simple: Linkedin has been changing the LinkedIN ADS tool.

LinkedIN now profiles ads according to the profile language, according to a communication I received last 31th October. This means that now target audience showed by LinkedIN Ads tool  refers only to a subset of the selected country. It shows profiles in that country that are consistent to the language you have specified into “Ad language” field.

So, now, if we want a statistical overview per country or worldwide, we have to create different ads in different languages availabe on LinkedIN in order to have a total amount of profile. Doing like that, it is important to consider that probably LinkedIN will count as unique each language-profile. This mean that if a user in UK – for istance – has a profile in German and English it will be count twice, one for the German profile and the other for the English.

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