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LinkedIN is confirmed as the favourite social network for HRs. According to the third quarter earnings’ report realeased by Linkedin last thursday, Talent Solutions grew up of 95% comparing to 3rd quarter 2011, rappresenting the 51% of company’s revenues. Furthermore, LinkedIN seems to have found a working freemium business model. Indeed, also the Premium Subscriptions increased by a 94% and now they represents the 20% of total revenues. Last but not the least, Marketing Solutions increased by a 60% with a contribution to global revenues of 29%.

The revenues in HR solutions confirm trends showed by surveys highlighting LinkedIN as preferred channel in recruiting. Talent Solutions include tools for managing job hiring and recruiting management and actually it seems to be the most complete solution in human resources management.

Talent solutions offer the possibility to manage the entire hiring process integrating the job advertisment, scouting, researching for passive candidates and collaboration within the HR department to keep track of activities. The Talent Pipeline, indeed, gives to the manager  a dashboard to manage activities and team, to assign to each recruiter the tasks they have to complete and to monitor the process.

I strongly recommend to take a look at the Talent solution product site where you can fınd a lot of useful informations such as trends, insights, how-to, tutorials related to the HR and recruiting topics.

Are you using Talent Solutions for your company? Would you recommend the product to your friends and partners? Let me know, I’d like to build a user generated evaluation from your experience.

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