Pionero, the coming future

Pionero, the coming future
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Internet and the connected society is deeply changing the worldwide scenario. Modifying business models, changing the way to build and manage relationships, introducing new ways to produce and to “consume” information, Internet is forging a complex world that have to be analized and to be understood. It’s a cross-life revolution that some times is difficult to recognize because it involves all the moments in day-by-day life. Due to this complexity, the information about this changement often focuses separately on specific topics such as marketing, business, technology, economy, governement. We often miss a global vision and a wide range overview about the impact of internet in the world.

This is the main reason why I accepted to give my little contribution in the project Pionero. Pionero is an Italian Web Project of Maggioli Editore aimed to inform and to spread culture about internet and connected society in order to give a 360 degree overview about how tecnology is forging the connected society. Main topics are Web Marketing, Digital Agenda, Smart Cities, Apps and mobile. As authors, we are asked to go beyond the latest technology or product to give a well formed understanding of the digital world. In order to achieve this ambitious goal, Pionero hosts different professionals coming form Journalism, Marketing and Communication, Governement, Education and IT, all internet pioneers with a strong experience in the digital world.

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Simone Favaro

Techno and humanist enthusiast. I'm in the technology marketing sector. I'm even the author of a book about on-line business networking.

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