Iron Sky Team is looking for a Web Developer

Hoping be of your interest, I want to share with you this job opportunity at Iron Sky Team now engaged into a Hollywood production. Dead Line for applying is 31.12.2012 Good Luck!

Jeremiah Harm - Iron Sky Team Production

IRON SKY is a science fiction film that was created in a tight collaboration with the Internet community of hundreds of thousands of fans across the world, and web services have always been one of the key elements of the success of the film.

Blind Spot Pictures is looking for a full-time WEB DEVELOPER to develop, build and maintain web services for Iron Sky production, as well as for the upcoming films – such as our first Hollywood film, JEREMIAH HARM.

As a Web Developer, we expect you to master all the common tools of Internet web development – php, css, js, html5, databases – you know the drill. Most importantly, we are looking for a person with social skills, sharp brains and interest and willingness to learn new things – and capability of disrupting the accepted norms of web development and film industry!

You’ll get to work in the most interesting film production company from Finland, with a creative and sometimes a bit mad team set out on a course to conquer the whole world.

In addition to Jeremiah Harm, Blind Spot Pictures is also slated to develop Iron Sky’s sequels, a scifi TV series and other films.

If you think you’ve got what it takes, and you are willing to work in Helsinki, Finland, send your work application, CV and example work cases you’ve done to – deadline is 31.12.2012.

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