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Proving competences and skills is the key to get visible and to get find out by potential prospects and recruiters. The new LinkedIN profile added important features to enrich profiles with contents such as images, video, audio, presentations and documents. The greatest opportunity is to create a documented “file” and a track of records of activities.

Contents can be added within “Summary” section and each experience. There are no official rules in deciding where to upload them but, as general suggestion, we can say that in the summary you can upload contents related to the career, such as certifications, video presentation, show cases, ecc; in experience you should upload specific project related to your job.

How to add contents

STEP 1: Enter the Editing mode of profile from Menu > Profile > Edit Profile

STEP 2: In the summary or experiences section, near the title, search for the icon of a rectangle with a “+” symbol

linkedin add content profile icons

STEP 3: A form will be showned asking to insert the direct URL to the content you want to link. How to find out the correct URL to insert depends on the service you are using. In Youtube is the link of a video that showned as http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=codeXyz where code XYZ is an alphanumeric unique code for that video. In slideshare the url appears similar to http://www.slideshare.net/username/title-of-presentation. Generally, you need to open the specific content, copy the URL from the address bar of your browser and paste it on the required field.


STEP 4 Edit the Title and the Description. Once you added the url, Linkedin asks to indicate the Title of the content and a description. This is an important step in order to give information to profile’s visitors and to reached within the search.


Thats all, now the specified content is linked to your profile section. You can decide to move it from one experience to another without the need to upload it again. To to like that, you have to enter the edit mode of the specific content you want to move (just clicking on the pen simbol) and select from the drop down menu (“Move this media to”) the section you want to upload to.


Are you using this feature to enrich your profile? Which kind of content you usually link?

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