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Business Networking - Come usare il social web per la creazione di relazioni professionali

It was November 2004 when I joined Linkedin and I started approaching online business networking, finding out year by year the great opportunities belonging to this activity. Since then, I experimented and observed numerous ways to build and manage professional relationships using social web capabilities.

Ten years later, my friend Gianluigi Cogo ( a real innovator in social related processes) and I publish “Business Networking, How to use social web for building professional relationships”  (title translated) targeted to italian market. As written in the introduction, the book doesn’t claim to be a complete work (it is quite impossible, due to the on going social web evolution) but it offers a framework for understanding how to organize a profitable on line business networking.

For this reason, the book starts from an introduction of business networking theory, going through tools and methodologies for both personal and corporate implementation, giving a sample of cases from “real world” and analyzing the impact of each action.

More, we decide to complete our work with a “virtual” round table. The last part of the book cointains an interview to main protagonists of social media scene in Italy and Europe. You’ll find how  Mauro LupiBarbara BonaventuraMafe De Baggis,Vincenzo CosenzaGianluca DiegoliMarco MassarottoAlberto D’OttaviRobin GoodGiorgio Soffiato and others are approaching at online business networking.

Actually book is in Italian only, but if you’re a plublisher and you’re interested in translating it, please contact us.

In the meanwhile, if you are interested in online Business Networking, you can follow us on Professional Networking on where we collect the best practice for turning online contacts in amassadors and increasing revenues.

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