We are Italians, they don’t

I want to apologize you, World, for the drama/comedy you have been seing  since last 20 years from Italy. Sure, you could use what you’ve been seing to produce tons of fictions with a lot of new italian cliché but probably you’ll be forced to pay for the rights and for on-line distribution, if you want to distrubute it to the italian market, you’ll probably and rightly choose to not supply the italian market with this new contents. So we’ll never know it and Italians shall continue to perceive themself as the best population in the world.

When I say Italians, I don’t mean the wide population. There’s a part of them having a “limited strategic view” and working hard to try to improve the cultural and economic environment, feeling and knowing that actually Italy is a part of a most enlarged world and it can still have a key role in this networked-map. They are those “conservatives” and “foreign lovers” thinking that a WebTax is a way to kill the digital business, that the incentive to the pressed publishing but not to the digital one will reduce the markets only to the big publishers. Pay attention.

Those Italians are the ones you share the office with in London, Shangai, New York, Berlin, Melbourne, Istanbul. More, those are the ones that probably are still in Italy but they can’t break the silence wall even if they are called by Government to set the development program and the Government, day by day, disattends their advices writing norms and laws going in the opposite direction.

Those Italians are the one that everyday are fighting against a system that is more oriented to “destroy the enemy” than  to “make the future”; to create the way to conserve privileges than to help the economy.

These people (we) are Italians, you’re favourite fiction characters aren’t.

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Simone Favaro

Techno and humanist enthusiast. I'm in the technology marketing sector. I'm even the author of a book about on-line business networking.

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