Save your reputation

Save your reputation, don’t endorse me on Linkedin

Save your reputation

Linkedin’s skill endorsement is a powerful tool. It lets you have people saying: “hey, this guy is very fond in this. I know!”. Your network becomes a reference of your expertise and attitudes.

Unfortunately, this is true only if your network’s members are all or almost people you have worked with or people knowing you in real life. Becoming Linkedin a more and more open networking tool, people searching to be endorsed, following the reciprocity rule, endorses you for skills suggested by LinkedIN also if you’ve never worked on that topic.

So, for example, it happens to me to be endorsed by connections as skilled in “Startups”. I’ve no real experience on startups but this skill has been suggested from LinkedIN because I’ve shared some links about StartUps. Result: I’m “certified” in a skill that I don’t really know and my profile is giving misleading informations.

But you can help me to keep my profile “clean” and “trustful”.

If you don’t know me, if we never worked together, if you’ve never read what I wrote… Please, don’t endorse me. You’ll preserve your reputation too.

What if I’ll be contacted by a prospect or employer because, according to my LinkedIN profile, I’m skilled in Startups and I’ll tell them that it’s not true? Your face is there, and you’ll appear as the the one that has endorsed me on that skill. How much you’ll be trusted by that employer/prospect in the future?

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Simone Favaro

Techno and humanist enthusiast. I'm in the technology marketing sector. I'm even the author of a book about on-line business networking.

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