5 new linkedin features you probably are missing

LinkedIN pays a lot of attention in enhancing services in order to incentive people to subscribe Premium accounts.In the past days Linkedin has stared to roll out new features aimed to enhance the visibility of the profile. The main ones are related to: Profile design, a support system to optimize the profile summary, a better outstanding in search results, an “open profile” option and more enhanced “Who Viewed Your Profile

Profile design


The profile design has 2 significant changes.

The first one is the opportunity to set a “background header image”. Following the major trend in social media tools design, a premium member now can set an header background image to customize the profile. You can choose your custom header from a set of preloaded background images or upload your own.

The second one is the larger profile photo and the expanded profile header.

Is it really necessary?

Until people don’t reach your profile, probably it doesn’t. Anyway if you are used to share your Linkedin Profile link on your email signature, business card or other social media profiles, a customizable header can be helpful to enrich your personal or business brand. Companies paying for the employee’s premium account can ask to their employee to upload a branded header in order to aware their brand.

Summary Optimization


Summary is among the most important parts of your profile because it is used by LinkedIN Search Engine to discover you when people is searching by keywords. Now LinkedIN Premium Users has an assistant helping to find out the most suitable keywords to use while writing the summary.

How It Works?

Linkedin finds out profiles similar to you and looks at the most effective keywords used suggesting  you to include them in your Summary. About my summary, for example, LinkedIn suggests to use some keywords such as Media Planning, Marketing Communication, media communication and so on. In choosing which one to include, it must be kept in mind what is your positioning statement and which one of the suggested really fits your skills.

Don’t be seducted by the siren inviting you to “appear”.  It’s important but it isn’t enough. You must be consistent with your real competences.

Better outstanding in search results


When you will appear in search result your profile will outstand better than non premium member. The listing will be twice as big as other results and offer more tidbits from your profile: Past and Current Jobs and the latest education degree.

Open profile


As a Premium Member your profile is Open. That’s mean that anyone, even who is more than three degree away, can message you for free without the need to be connected to you or to use a InMail Message. This has been introduced to allow premium members to be more easly reached and to increase the likelihood of new contacts. The setting is automatically toggled on but you can turn it off just going to the privacy settings or editing the profile “premium” option as shown in the above image.

Who Viewed Your Profile


I’ve just explained the Who viewed Your Profile feature in a previous post. The section has been enriched with a new feature that seems to be very useful for monitoring your LinkedIN performance. “How you rank for profile views” is a tool letting you to have a benchmark of your rank related to the number of views among your connections in the last 30 days.

My rank has downgraded in the last month … SOB 🙁 I know, you’re a curious person and you want to take a look at my Profile, so Click Here 🙂

LinkedIN seems to be the only social network platform having a clear business model and being able to offer real advantages to subscribers, differentiating more & more features between free and premium membership.

Are these new features enough to make you a Premium member?

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