Internet is a mass media

Among the most fortunate mass communication theories, the Katz & Lazarsfeld’s “Two steps flow of communication” during the 40s described a model where a message  broadcasted by a source is captured by an opinion leader who, because his/her reputation among the society, is able to influence the audience’s behavior. Basing on this research, marketing and public relations … Continue reading Internet is a mass media

Piccoli social crescono

Più piccoli sono, e più pensano a coinvolgere i propri clienti. E’ spesso un luogo comune, piuttosto errato, pensare che chi utilizza bene i social media siano solo le grandi imprese. E’ vero, sono quelle che dedicano maggiori investimenti in termini di tempo e denaro. Le piccole imprese, tuttavia, sembrano aver compreso meglio le potenzialità … Continue reading Piccoli social crescono

The Growing Social Media Influence in B2B buying process [SNID]

This post has been originally posted to SNID Blog The opportunities offered by social networks to B2B company has confirmed once more by the DemandGen Report “Breaking Out Of The Funnel –  A Look Inside the Mind of the New Generation BtoB Buyer”. The survey, that interested about 100 BtoB buyers who had purchased a … Continue reading The Growing Social Media Influence in B2B buying process [SNID]