We must remeber all #genocides

Today is the International Holocaust Remembrance Day. I’d like that this day will be renamed as International Genocides Remembrance Day. In a large part of the world, even if media don’t tell about them, there are actually an uncountable number of ethnic killings (Somalia, Darfur, Syria are probably the most known). Take a look at GenocideWatch.org WE … Continue reading We must remeber all #genocides

Linkedin Answer to be taken down

Starting from 31st January LinkedIN Answer will be dismissed. LinkedIN announced via email few days ago.I think LinkedIN is having problem in defining social networking model. They are exploring ways to keep people more on the network, but with a no real scenario and model in mind. The only working usage seems to be the … Continue reading Linkedin Answer to be taken down

2012 in Blogging

WordPress wish you a happy new year with a funny and useful gift. İf you have a wordpress self-hosted blog and you are using jetpack site stats, in these days you will find a nice suprise. Jetpack, indeed, should have summarized your 2012 blogging stats in a animated infographic. Accessing to Dashboard > Jetpack > … Continue reading 2012 in Blogging

Leads in the networking process

In last days, it has been occurring to me to talk about lead generation with different professionals. I found out that many of them didn’t know what lead generation is, often confusing “prospect” and “lead”. We refers to “Lead” and “lead generation” as “term used, […], to describe the generation of consumer interest or inquiry … Continue reading Leads in the networking process

DUBAI’s newspaper talking about EXPO 2020 On-Line Competition Report

7DaysInDubai.com, a Dubai’s newspaper owned by british The Daily Mail News, talks about EXPO 2020 On-Line Competition Report. Dubai has outdone its Expo 2020 rivals on the web, according to a report released by an independent consultant. Turkey-based social media specialist Simone Favaro, who conducted research on ‘How candidates use the web for internationalisation’, found … Continue reading DUBAI’s newspaper talking about EXPO 2020 On-Line Competition Report