How to verify people telling they trust you

Even if many blogger and networking experts continuosly suggest to avoid to send generic connection requests, this behavior is still common. So, if we don’t want push away the 80% of connection requests we receive, a verification process is needed. Since I’ve joined LinkedIN, I’ve tested different methods and now I probably found the one that suits to me and, I hope, to you too.

@AOL #SaveWinAmp

So it seems that a large part of digital music history will be archived from December. AOL decided to shut down the WinAmp Project because, I suppose, it’s no mor profitable. So I’m going to ask: Why AOL doesn’t make a donation to Opensource Community in order to mantain the project? Ask Aol to donate … Continue reading @AOL #SaveWinAmp

Social media war in Turkey*

The events of Gezi Parki last June saw the Turkish government to take hard line positions against the “anti-government propaganda” on social media, leading to multiple arrests in several cities  in addition to Istanbul, the center of the protests. The Government tried also to obtain, with little success , information from Twitter and Facebook users’ … Continue reading Social media war in Turkey*