EXPO 2020 On Line Competition, Dubay gains the best results

Websites and Youtube are the most common tatics. Dubay is the most active on-line with the highest rank on Search Engine, the largest number of fans and follower on Facebook and Twitter. Izmir registered the highest social links popularity and YouTube viewers. Brazil is the worst on-line competitor.


How EXPO 2020 candidates are using Internet to promote their candidacy? Generally it seems that web is not a main channel for promoting the candidacy, even if Dubay (UAE) and Izmir (Turkey) are the candidates paying more attention to the tools. Sao Paulo (Brazil) is the candidate paying less attention to internet strategy, limiting its on-line presence to a static website and to an YouTube Channel with promotional videos.

Other than YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are the most common tatics used by candidates. Especially Dubay is the most active on social media having the largest number of Fan on Facebook and follower on Twitter and an average of 6.8 tweets per day.

About websites, the general official language is English (4 on 5 websites).  Abount language the general approach is to give contents in English, French and national language. Izmir websites, the only one having national as default language, offers contents in 7 different languages, becoming the most international website. With Dubay’s  website, Izmir one is the most complete.  Both, indeed, pay attention to extend the institutional contents about candidacy with ambassador programs. Moreover, Izmir websites offer a form to apply as an Volunteer. Searching the web for “Expo 2020”, anyway, Dubay and Ekaterinburg (Russia) are the top-ranked in search engines. Izmir is the one with highest social link popularity.

Considering Social Media, Dubay is again the one gaining the best results on Facebook and Twitter. Brazil has no official Facebook and Twitter accounts. Russia and Thailand are using the social networks, but with low total amount of Fans and Followers. No candidate actually is using LinkedIN with an official group or page.


About Reasearch

The reaserch took place between 18th and 19th December and used the following tools:

  • Google Trends, to overview the global search for “Expo 2020”
  • Social Links Popularity Tool, to obtain analyze link popularity among social media
  • Rank Check Tool, to discover the positioning within search engines
  • Hootsuite to find out data on Twitter accounts
  • Direct observation for Facebook and YouTube Accounts
  • Direct observation on websites

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