A.I. and The problem of the World

If Machines can’t understand the real world, probably it’s because they never experienced it. It’s time to pay attention much more to the training frameworks.

Artificial Intelligence is living in a filter Bubble

If Machines can’t be smart in the real world, probably it’s not because of their stupidity. It’s probably because they’re living in a filter bubble.

The Rise of Machine Intelligence

It’s a change of the game rules. We are no more searching to clone our mind. We are going to create a new form of mind. From this point of view, what we are going to face in the next future is the rising of “machine intelligence”, an intelligence that will not follow the rules of our mind but able to perform even better than the human one.

4 category ready to use in content auditing, ideation and creation

Here you can find 4 category to use to make your content inventory, competitor analysis and content creation enabling to speed up your content strategy planning.

Why they will not stop the networked society

What we’re living today is probably the core and hardest point of social change generated by Internet and the so called Social Web. We are in the deep consolidation of the Networked Society in which network technologies are undermining an organizational model based on the centralized power control, in favor of a more distributed power. Despite many … Continue reading Why they will not stop the networked society