Pionero, the coming future

Internet and the connected society is deeply changing the worldwide scenario. Modifying business models, changing the way to build and manage relationships, introducing new ways to produce and to “consume” information, Internet is forging a complex world that have to be analized and to be understood. It’s a cross-life revolution that some times is difficult … Continue reading Pionero, the coming future

How cloud computing can change the Networked Society

Cloud-computing may (better can) forge a new model of networked society merging the features of mass media system and networks into a Concentrated Networks Model. The very difference between the property-model in Mass Society and non-property model of Network Society is the possibility to easly duplicate information, allowed by low-cost technology potentially available to all. This duplication … Continue reading How cloud computing can change the Networked Society

HR loves LinkedIN

LinkedIN is confirmed as the favourite social network for HRs. According to the third quarter earnings’ report realeased by Linkedin last thursday, Talent Solutions grew up of 95% comparing to 3rd quarter 2011, rappresenting the 51% of company’s revenues. Furthermore, LinkedIN seems to have found a working freemium business model. Indeed, also the Premium Subscriptions … Continue reading HR loves LinkedIN

How new LinkedIN Ad Tool works

Some days ago, I’ve written a post highlighting the mismatching in statistical data from LinkedIN Ads, asking to my self what was happening. The aswer was so simple: Linkedin has been changing the LinkedIN ADS tool. LinkedIN now profiles ads according to the profile language, according to a communication I received last 31th October. This … Continue reading How new LinkedIN Ad Tool works

“Eliminare” i clienti

Di recente ho letto sulla Pagina Facebook di Ivan Misner uno status che finiva dicendo “quando i tempi sono duri, un cliente ti lascerà ma un amico non lo farà“. Questo mi ha portato a riflettere sul concetto di cliente e consumatore ai tempi dei social media e ne ho parlato in un post che ho scritto … Continue reading “Eliminare” i clienti