DUBAI’s newspaper talking about EXPO 2020 On-Line Competition Report, a Dubai’s newspaper owned by british The Daily Mail News, talks about EXPO 2020 On-Line Competition Report.

dubai expo 2020 On-Line Competition

Dubai has outdone its Expo 2020 rivals on the web, according to a report released by an independent consultant.

Turkey-based social media specialist Simone Favaro, who conducted research on ‘How candidates use the web for internationalisation’, found that the emirate has the best virtual positioning of all cities bidding to host the Expo.

“Dubai is the most active online with the highest rank on search engine, the largest number of fans and followers on facebook and Twitter,” revealed Favaro.

Favaro said websites and YouTube are the most common tactics used by the candidates to showcase their Expo 2020 credentials, followed by facebook and Twitter. Highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates’ respective internet strategies, Favaro said: “Izmir [Turkey] registered the highest social links popularity and YouTube viewers.

Brazil has no official facebook and Twitter accounts. Russia and Thailand are using the social networks but with low total amount of fans and followers.”

He also revealed that the UAE and Turkey were the only countries to use their websites to drive programmes aimed at engaging visitors.

“Only Dubai and Izmir have on-line ambassador programmes,” Favaro said. The UAE’s bid has the theme ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’. If the bid is successful, the UAE would become the first country in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia region to hold a World Expo.

As many as 25 million visitors count to stream into the emirate for the event.


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