Newsweek #Lastprintissue cover

Reading the #lastprintissue as epitaph

Newsweek #Lastprintissue cover

Newsweek’s #lastprintissue sounded to me like an epitaph. Since the Tina Brown’s “A new chapter” editorial, the issue is a memorial of Newsweek successes during its long life, with a nostalgic approach to how they told the big events of world and moreover the competition with Time.

It has completely been missing an introduction to projects for the new “all-digital” experience. This sounds to me very strange. If I would been changing my business model (also if i was forced to), for a marketing purpose, I would underline what I’ll add to the project in order to motivate readers to subscribe to the digital product. Instead, they seems to want to assure readers that they will never change “[our] commitment to journalism of the very highest quality” [Tina Brown, A new chapter, Newsweek, 31 December 2012, p. 6]. Along side the wide issue, the focus was only to the big quality of information and passion they gave in the long history of printed issue.

The questions are: what will be the digital Newsweek? What will be the contents they will provide? How they are reviewing the business model considering the adoption of digital? I’m having the idea that their plans will envolve only the paper’s costs cutting. If it is like that, #lastprintissue has been a true epitaph.

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