Social media war in Turkey*

The events of Gezi Parki last June saw the Turkish government to take hard line positions against the “anti-government propaganda” on social media, leading to multiple arrests in several cities  in addition to Istanbul, the center of the protests. The Government tried also to obtain, with little success , information from Twitter and Facebook users’ … Continue reading Social media war in Turkey*


  Ecco in anteprima il mio post in uscita oggi su Pionero.IT *** In un report che pubblicai qualche mese fa, evidenziai come la Turchia – a differenza di altri paesi – avesse una infrastruttura di servizi di rete molto più sviluppata rispetto alla reale domanda presente sul territorio. Sebbene, infatti,  secondo i dati di Internet World Stats il tasso … Continue reading Pionerando

Internet is a mass media

Among the most fortunate mass communication theories, the Katz & Lazarsfeld’s “Two steps flow of communication” during the 40s described a model where a message  broadcasted by a source is captured by an opinion leader who, because his/her reputation among the society, is able to influence the audience’s behavior. Basing on this research, marketing and public relations … Continue reading Internet is a mass media

Pionero, the coming future

Internet and the connected society is deeply changing the worldwide scenario. Modifying business models, changing the way to build and manage relationships, introducing new ways to produce and to “consume” information, Internet is forging a complex world that have to be analized and to be understood. It’s a cross-life revolution that some times is difficult … Continue reading Pionero, the coming future